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paysages-ardeche-camping-ucelDiscover all the wealth of Ardèche through memorable landscapes, extraordinary visits to typical places; you will be amazed when strolling through the small alleys, on the hiking trails or at the summer markets, etc.

Aubenas at 4,5 kms

Aubenas is a medieval town, you can visit the castle (guided visit of about 1h40), as well as the old town center with its little streets, and the castle square surrounded by old houses.

On this place you’ll also do the markets on Saturday and Wednesday morning. And more in July and August, with the night market.

The “Cabane du Pêcheur” will give you all the material you may need for fishing (material, map…).


Nearby Domaine de Gil

sites-naturels-proximite-domaine-gilThe Ardèche is full of remarkable sites, with volcanoes and numerous caves. The campsite is situated in the Regional Park of the Mounts of Ardèche, a preserved nature.

The Regional Park of the Mounts of Ardèche offers an extreme variety of landscapes, historical and natural sites. Discover this region walking around and tasting the most famous products of Ardèche made of chestnut, honey or wine de Chatus.

The sites you have to see are the Pont d’Arc (natural arch of 60 m high, entrance of the Gorges of Ardèche), the Mont Gerbier de Jonc (1550 m high, great natural site), the waterfall of Ray Pic (waterfall of 35 m, and geological site of interest), the Lake of Issarlès (lake of crater of 97 hectares), caves, the Pont du Diable (Devil’s Bridge), volcanoes of Ardèche, the spring of Vals-les-Bains, the wine domains, beautiful villages such as Vogüé, Antraigues and Balazuc, the evening markets in Aubenas and Vals-les-Bains.

Vals-les-Bains at 1,5 kms


In this thermal town, you will enjoy the spa of the thermal resort (Jacuzzi, hammam, swimming pool, water jets) and watch in the park, the Intermittent Spring. You can learn its history in the museum of the Maison Champanhet.

You can savour the local products on the markets, Thursday and Sunday morning, even during the nigh market. And taste the beer Bourganel at the brewery. It’s the beer product with local products and made in Vals-les-Bains.


Camping avec à proximité randonnées pédestres et balisées

Many hiking are marked, starting from Vals-les-Bains and Aubenas. Leisure such as water sports (canoe, canyoning), outdoor sports (horse-riding, speleology), and theme parks… will enjoy your days!

At the reception, you can make your reservation in advance, for your trips in canoe, speleology and canyoning and courses in tree swinging.

Natural heritage

The Pont d'Arc

site-naturel-pont-d-arc-ardecheSymbol of Ardèche, The Pont D’Arc is a natural arch of 60 m long and 54 m high burrowed by the Ardèche River located 5 km from the town of Vallon Pont d'Arc. It’s a curiosity unique in France. A place for canoe enthusiasts, as well as being the natural entrance to the Ardèche gorges.

The Gorges of Ardèche

Camping avec animations sportives (Kanoé, Kayak) à proximitéFrom Vallon Pont d'Arc to Saint Martin d'Ardèche about thirty kilometres long, the Ardèche Gorges are a unique natural wealth. Possibility of canoeing / kayaking or visiting the Gorges by road with many view areas.

Cultural heritage

The Caverne Pont d’Arc cave exhibition

Discovered in 1994 in Vallon Pont d’Arc, the Chauvet cave is one of the oldest ornate caves in the world! This prehistoric work of art is ranked in the World Heritage of UNESCO.

After having admired the Cave, you can continue to explore the prehistoric world in the exhibition space, which will make you discover the Aurignacian culture, art techniques parietal and animals that once served as models for our ancestors.
Real scientific feat, technological and artistic achievement of the Cave gave birth to a second exhibition, which you will also be invited. You will discover the key stages of this unique building in the world.

Alphonse Daudet museum

Discover the history of Silk and yesteryear Ardèche in Alphonse Daudet’s family farmhouse.

The Châtaigneraie museum in Joyeuse

Established in the former Oratory College of the Seventeenth Century in the heart of the old Joyeuse, the Châtaigneraie museum reflects the close ties that have united for centuries the Cévènes people to the “sweet chestnut tree”. A 400 square metre exhibition where you can trace the history of the Ardèche chestnut.



Perched on a cliff overlooking the Ardèche, the former stronghold of the "Lords of Balazuc" retains many traces of its medieval past.


The ancient village is built like an amphitheatre over an Ardèche River beach and is one of the most famous scenic and picturesque places of the Bas Vivarais.

Antraigues, village de FranceAntraigues

Located 470m above sea level on a volcanic peak, the village of Antraigues sur Volane, classified as "village character", is named after the three rivers that surround it: the Farmhouse the Volane and La Bise.

Little streets full of flowers, cobbled street and covered alley will lead you to the heart of this old typical village. In summer, you’ll take part of some petanque games, concerts and flea markets. It’s also the village where lived Jean Ferrat. The house of Jean Ferrat is open since the 13th March 2013.

Typical food

Produits du terroir ArdechoisThere’re numerous local products in Ardèche. The most famous and symbol of the Ardèche: the chestnut in all its form (jams, cream, beer…), to learn more, go to the Châtaigneraie museum. For the cooked pork, you’ll have to taste the Caillette. And for the cheese, the famous Picodon (goat cheese). You can also go for a walk in the wine domains and taste our local wines. And to help digest all of this, nothing’s better than the Vals Water !

Unique Events

With the European Days of Heritage, discover monuments usually closed to the public.

« De Ferme en Ferme » in April.

« Mon Pays ma Fête » in May.

Many festivals are organised in July and August (Labeaume en Musique, festival Aluna).

For further information about the region, you can have a look at the website Ardèche Découverte, which is the Ardéche tourism portal site: Accommodation, Gastronomy, Sports and Leisure, Discovery, Agenda and Events.